Dependencies persist between synchronizations

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Here is a scenario that I have met this afternoon:

I synchronise Table A and Table B between Databases 1 and 2. SQL Compare tells me that Objects C and D are dependent on A and B, so it correctly makes some changes to them as well.

I then synchronize Table Z. Objects C and D still appear in the Dependencies list, even though I know that they have nothing to do with Z.

WORKAROUND: Restart SQL Compare. Objects C and D vanish from the Dependencies list.

In general, C and D are views. I am not sure if this is always true.
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    My first thought is that the views are being marked as dependant because they're getting refreshed through some kind of arcane dependancy chain.

    I haven't seen this particular problem before if it isn't the case that C and D turn out to have some relation to Z. Can you send me (michelle.taylor@red-gate.com) an example of a pair of databases that does this (a snapshot or backup would be fine)? If not, can you give me more of an idea of the relationship between A, B, C, D and possibly Z? I'm interested in looking into this and finding out what's happening.
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