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"Fake" SQL Replication

waynephwayneph Posts: 29
edited February 12, 2008 10:37AM in SQL Log Rescue
A little history before my question...

I have a database that is about 90-100GB of data that I'm trying to replicate between servers. The catch is that I want both Databases live. The primary OLTP database will handle transactions, and the second database needs to be live (within the replication latency) for reporting to take a load off the primary server.

This database is from a 3rd party vendor, so I have limited control over when updates are made. Additionally, since the users are on 24x7 they don't want to give the repeated time necessary to take a snapshot for replication if the vendor makes a schema change. We could do a backup, and create the replication objects manually, but that would get tideous to repeat for any changes, since we would have to disable triggers and things like that on the "report" database each time as well.

I thought about using Log Shipping, but that would kick out any connections that were active when the system restores the individual files. For 6 or 12 hour latency that would be a problem, but every 30 minutes or so would get annoying.

Here's where Log Rescue hopefully comes in... If it can create a "Redo" script that will run all of the transactions in the database, I can keep the "reports" database fully live, and just apply the Redo script to the second server. Can Log Rescue be scripted for a purpose like this. Reading the Transaction Log backups would allow me to apply updates to the reports database with zero impact on the live production server.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


  • Eddie DEddie D Posts: 1,688 Rose Gold 5
    Thank you for your post into the forum.

    Unfortunately SQL Log Rescue is NOT the tool for replicating data between two databases.

    SQL Log Rescue is a disaster recovery tool to repair the damage from deletion of data or of database objects.

    SQL Log Rescue only supports Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

    If you wish to replicate data between two live databases, I strongly recommend that you evaluate our SQL Data Compare tool.

    SQL Data Compare enables you to compare and synchronize the data in two Microsoft SQL Server databases. You can also compare a backup with a database, or with another backup. SQL Data Compare enables you to synchronize multiple tables whilst maintaining referential integrity.

    Further advice regarding SQL Data Compare can be found on these pages on our web site: ... /index.htm ... /index.htm

    Many Thanks

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