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Feature request

hwintherhwinther Posts: 3
edited July 9, 2008 11:05AM in SQL Multi Script
I would like to have the possibility to save a set of script as a project, to be able to pick up the project at a later time. We want to be able to deliver different version to different environments and a project per version would help a lot.


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    Hi hwinther,

    This is a feature we are already considering for future releases of SQL Mulit Script. Thanks for you feedback.
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    I would definitely agree that this is needed to make this a useable tool. I have just downloaded the evaluation of Multi-Script as we frequently need to apply changes to a series of SQL Databases across the globe, and this could be a great tool to use.

    However, we really need the ability to save a defined set of scripts and servers for instant recall to make this viable.

    Please include this in version 1.2!
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    Hi, I would also like to register my support for the feature request of "save a set of scripts as a project". Thanks. Scott.
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    +1 for me as well

    +1 for this feature in SQL Compare too :P
    Jerry Hung
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    There are a number of requests for this feature whereby it is possible to retain specific lists of scripts so that they can be rerun. Can you give any indication when this feature is likely incorporated into the new product. For my organisation this would be a must have feature before the tool would become productive.
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    Thanks everyone for your feedback. We've been asked for this by lots of people, and it is one of the priority candidates for the next release. So unless some "gotcha" comes up, our aim is that this will be in the next release of SQL Multi Script. We don't have a date for this yet, but when we do we'll update the Red Gate roadmap here.


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