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I have searched around and cannot find anything in the settings to allow me to define the format of the script filename. I am very surprised that the format of the script files is MDYYYY-HMM[AP]M.

I would prefer to set the filename to be YYYYMMDD-HHMM (with an option for 24 hour mode).

Also I would like the ability to specift the path of the script folder for each project.

Please let me know if this is something I have overlooked or if perhaps it is something that will be considered for future releases!



  • When you say 'script filename', do you mean the file name of the synchronization script that you get when you enable the 'save a copy of the synchronization script' check box in the synchronization wizard, or the filename of the script files that SQL Compare Pro saves when you save a data source to a script folder?
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  • Synchronization script.
  • Ah, right. Sorry, you're correct there - we don't have a way of setting these things (the only folder setting is global rather than per-project and the filename is automatic). I've put a feature request in the database for you.
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  • I'd suggest using ISO 8601 basic format for the file's name, like "20080208T1837Z".
  • That would be acceptable to me however being able to define the format with variables in the Options would be even better. Some people may want to keep the existing format.
  • The SQL Compare 8 beta has an updated synchronization wizard that allows you to specify the filename for the sync script. Please try it out and let us know what you think.

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  • Is there any further work on enabling user-configurable options for the default file name formats for the Data Compare scripts and snapshots? Something like the Auto name formatting options for SQL Backup would be great. :D

    I use SQL compare to sync schemas between multiple dev, test and prod systems and I don't usually script all changes at once, so saved command lines may not be an option. It is a great tool, but changing the default snapshot and script name to a more useful format each time is a little irritating. dmYYYY just does not sort properly when searching by file name. The ISO format as suggested makes far more sense.

    Thanks for a great set of products!
  • Thanks for changing the default script naming to the ISO date format in SQL Compare release! Much nicer! :D
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