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Suggestion - Table/View Candidate Columns

BrianFinkelBrianFinkel Posts: 33
edited February 6, 2008 1:09PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
When you type 'SELECT * FROM '...

...Sql Prompt displays a list of tables and/or views in the candidate list, and when you highlight one of those tables or views, it shows the definition in another window next to the candidate list.

But I would find it WAY more useful to see a nice list of the table or view's columns next to the candidate list instead of the definition. The definition displayed is usually so badly clipped or malformatted that it's of little use, anyway.

A column list, on the other hand, is so important that I reflexively look for it every time I highlight a table, and when I realize that it's not there, part of me feels sad inside.

Using Sql Prompt 3.7 with SQL Server 2000, Query Analyzer, and 2005 Mgmt Studio.


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