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Unable to Install Server Components

Wyatt70Wyatt70 Posts: 50
edited February 1, 2008 3:29PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I am attempting a new installation of SQL Backup The installation of the GUI succeeds, but I get an error when I attempt to "Install or Upgrade Server Components" on the default instance of SQL Server.

Here is the full error log:
YKOADS3: Server Component Installation - Failed

Copy SQBServerSetup.exe to server - Successful

This operation completed successfully.

Run setup on server - Successful

This operation completed successfully.

Start SQL Backup Agent service - Failed

Could not find stored procedure 'master..sqbutility'.

Check installed versions - Failed

Could not find stored procedure 'master..sqbutility'.

Check SQLBackup extended stored procedures - Failed

The "master..sqlbackup" stored procedure could not be found.

Delete setup file from server - Successful

This operation completed successfully.

Updating SQL Server information - Successful

This operation completed successfully.

I noticed that the installation program did not create the "(LOCAL)" folder in the main program folder ("C:\Program Files\Red Gate\SQL Backup"), which is where the dll for the extended stored procedure is supposed to be. What happened?

Windows Version: 2003 R2 with SP2 (Build 5.2.3790)
SQL Server Version: 2005 (Build 9.0.3054)


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    PDinCAPDinCA Posts: 642 Silver 1
    Same problem on one of my servers - same "Could not find stored procedure 'master..sqbutility'." message... 2 Servers installed fine using the local system account - this one barfed.

    Windows Server 2003, SQL Server 2000 8.00.2039
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    Hmm ... let me see if I can install it with the LocalSystem account.
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    I changed my SQL Server service to use the LocalSystem account, and I was able to install the server components. Once everything was installed, I switch the SQL Server service back to my preferred account. The backups are running fine.

    Just curious, did you remove the "BUILTIN\Administrators" group from your SQL Server instance? I always do, and I am wondering if Red-Gate expects you to be using a service account that is also a member of the Windows Local Administrators group. That might explain why we had to use LocalSystem to complete the installation.

    If that is the case, I think Red-Gate should reconsider. There are many situations in which you would not want members of the LocalAdministrators group to have sysadmin privileges on instances of SQL Server.
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    PDinCAPDinCA Posts: 642 Silver 1
    This reply may lead to many throwing up their arms in disbelief, but...

    We don't have a DBA; we have predominently "out of the box" server installs; we've not messed with the BUILTIN role - wouldn't know what to do with or without it :); hadn't a clue about the backup service until I read about the SQL Backup migration wizard...

    I'll have to ask our windows admin if there's something different about the problem box - thankfully it's only our staging env., so it's not crucial...

    Glad you got squared away!
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    peteypetey Posts: 2,358 New member
    Consider that the remote installation:

    - copies an executable file (SQBServerSetup.exe) to your remote SQL Server box
    - via the SQL Server communications protocol,
    - runs the executable on the remote box
    - which installs a Windows service and installs additional stored procedures on your SQL Server instance

    In a secure environment, the remote installation is unlikely to succeed, which is good (or bad, depending on how you look at it).

    The reason the SQL Server service startup user needs to have the SQL Server sysadmin server role is because it uses sp_addextendedproc to install the extended stored procedures.

    If remote installation fails, you can install the server components manually. Copy SQBServerSetup.exe, which is located in your SQL Backup installation folder, to the remote server and run the file manually.
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    PDinCAPDinCA Posts: 642 Silver 1
    Thanks, copy and local install worked fine with the Local Service account...
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