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lesliedgordonlesliedgordon Posts: 5
edited April 3, 2008 3:15PM in SQL Multi Script
Any plans to allow Multi-Script to import registered servers that have been exported from SSMS? The number of servers I will be supporting is jumping to over 200 in the next few months and I would like to set them up in one place and then import to all the other tools.


Leslie Gordon
[email protected]


  • Hi Leslie,

    I will log this feature request. We have this functionality in another of our tools (SQL Backup) so we could use it in SQL Multi Script also.

    Thanks for the post.
    Helen Joyce
    SQL Backup Project Manager
    Red Gate Software
  • Thank you!! Any idea when it might possibly be implemented? We just purchased the full toolbelt with support. If it's going to be soon, I won't waste time setting up every connection.

    Leslie Gordon
    [email protected]
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