Rename Schema (aka "Rename Owner")

northtexasranchnorthtexasranch Posts: 4
edited January 24, 2008 5:03PM in SQL Refactor Previous Versions
I was wondering if you are considering adding the capability for Smart Rename to work on Schemas (i.e. "Owners").

We are working on requiring applications to use schemas to enforce security, but one use case that we have requires an existing schema to be renamed. Even though the schema is renamed, we want to preserve all objects contained within it (i.e. tables, views, stored procs, et al), the permissions for each of those contained objects, and the permissions for the entire schema.

You could do this with the current version of Smart Rename, but you would first have to create the new schema with the new name and apply the same permissions to the schema as the old schema. Then you can use this utility to bring over each object into the new schema, however, this last step is a bit cumbersome if you have 10's or 100's of objects in the schema.

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