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SQL Server 7 - Compare not working - ftjoin error

arystromarystrom Posts: 3
edited January 24, 2008 8:46AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
I'm getting this error comparing two SqlServer 7 databases on the same server.

'IDENT_CURRENT' is not a recognized function name.
Line 49: Incorrect syntax near 'ftjoin'

Any ideas?


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    The current version of SQL Compare doesn't fully support SQL Server 7, so I might not be able to help.

    What version of SQL Compare are you using, and do you have this problem with any comparison involving SQL Server 7 or just a particular comparison?
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    I am using SqlCompare

    This is the first time I've attempted to use it on SQL 7. It happens on all the databases on the server.

    Is there an older version that can be downloaded and used? Is there an additional cost for that version?
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    You might be able to get a license key and download for an older version - your best course of action would be to contact sales@red-gate.com and see what the sales team suggest.
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