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Backup suddenly stopped working with error 3202

Ashemo01Ashemo01 Posts: 2
edited January 24, 2008 7:54PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I have been running full multi database backup job to a san for months successfully, now more than half the databases fail (consistently every night), even if I do it manually, including msdb. I can run native sql back to the same san and it works fine. I get the following error SQL Backup job failed with exitcode: 790 SQL error code: 3202 [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 50000). status = 1117. The step failed.
Can some explain why this has started happening?


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    peteypetey Posts: 2,358 New member
    Could you please post or send me the contents of the log for a failed backup? The default folder for the logs are <system drive>:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Red Gate\SQL Backup\Log\<instance name>. Thanks.
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    Our full backups just started failing with the follow Error:

    BackupVirtualDeviceFile::RequestDurableMedia: Flush failure on backup device 'SQLBACKUP_0F1A69BB-FE8D-4475-A5FD-4C1C6DB10C8602'. Operating system error 995(The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request.).

    Please advise on the best way to correct this error.
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