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Potential Error in SQL Doc

feemurkfeemurk Posts: 2
edited January 23, 2008 5:18AM in SQL Doc Previous Versions
Hi Folks,

I think I found an error in the functionality of SQL Doc.

In my environment, instead of using schemas to group code insofar as access and security are concerned, the generic concept of part-naming objects is used to organize code within any given schema.


SQL Doc does not handle this appropriately. The stored procedures being declared in a similar fashion result in the following problem.

Stored Procedure [dbo].[Module1.sp1] used the tables

The documentation returns the following in the "USES" section of the stored procedure documentation:

[dbo] [Module1].[Table1], [Module1].[Table2], [Module1].[Table3]

That is not correct. TSQL Interprets the [Module1].[Table1] as Schema named [Module1] in which there is a table named [Table1].

It should return:

[dbo] [Module1.Table1], [Module1.Table2], [Module1.Table3]




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    Thanks for reporting that - I've just recreated it here, and I see the same result as you.

    The individual object pages correctly show [dbo].[Module1.Table1], so it just seems to be the uses / used by statements that are wrong.

    I've logged it in our bug tracking system (issue SDOC-780), so hopefully it should get fixed for the next release of SQL Doc.

    Many thanks,
    Robert Chipperfield
    Red Gate
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