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Need easy way to create snapshot WITHOUT install SQLCompare

jamminjammin Posts: 3
Hi all,

I have SQL Compare installed on my workstation, and it works great for comparing databases on all the servers I have access to.

However I often also need to compare database on various client servers that are behind firewalls. I don't want to purchase another license for a one-off use, and wouldn't want to install it on a client's production server anyway.

Is there a simple tool that could be run without an installation process just create a snapshot? I could then download the snapshot and do all the comparison and script generation locally. It could also be something I could automate with some instructions and have clients generate and send me a snapshot themselves.

I know I could backup and restore the database too, but some of them are enormous ... and this is quite time consuming. Also, the data itself is sometimes sensitive, and the client would often be reluctant to let a backup outside the network.

Any ideas appreciated.



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