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No .NET Methods Have Been Profiled

I am trying to profile a c# Web Application locally in visual studio. I think I am following the directions correctly, but I always keep getting "No .NET Methods Have Been Profiled". Here's what I'm doing.

I have the assmebly being created in debug mode.
I hit the play button that appears from ANT Profiler on Visual Studio
I select Detail Mode
I select ASP.NET Web App hosted on the ASP.NET development web server
I select an ASPX page for the "Path to ASP.NET Web Application"
I set the port to be 1367 as that is the port I see when I am running web apps locally. (http://localhost:1367/MyApp)
I run certain pages that I know will be hitting the methods I want to profile.
I take a snapshot.

Can someone help with what I'm doing wrong?



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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    Thanks for your post. The two most common causes for this on ASP .NET are
    • The ANTS Profiler project type is 'profile performance', the 'profile only methods with source code' option is selected and the web application is not a debug build
    • A limitation in ANTS Profiler that does not allow profiling of ASP .NET web applications when the machine.config specifies the SYSTEM account
    To fix the first problem, set the web.config of the application so that the compilation node specifies Debug=True. In ASP .NET 1.1, the web app needs to be recompiled in DEBUG configuration and the PDB copied into the same folder as the dll.
    The second issue is described in our Knowledge Base.

    Hopefully this helps.
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