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REFERENCES column and database connections

MistaGMistaG Posts: 3
edited January 10, 2008 11:17AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions

SQL Prompt 3.6

Having the following problem when writing CREATE TABLE scripts ..

When making a column which references another key in the database, SQL prompt is not able to complete the prompt. For example, a table called mytable exists with a primary key of myprimarykey.

I then want to create a new table, with a column that references that primary key

otherkeyreference INT NOT NULL REFERENCES

and then I try get autocomplete options, nothing appears. I can start typing in the other table name and it then offers me mytable.myprimarykey. This is incorrect as it should prompt mytable(myprimarykey)

Secondly, it would be great to have the ability to have a "disconnect from all databases" or "disconnect from database XYZ" option in the tray icon. If you close the management studio query tab, and try drop the database, it still shows as in use for that database as SQLPrompt is still holding a connection to that DB. I don't want to disable SQLPrompt for ALL the query windows though.

Graeme Slogrove


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    Hi Graeme,

    Currently we do not provide much support for CREATE statements or column references and that is the reason why you fail to get any candidates after typing REFERENCES. However, we have been considering to include some major revisions on our next version that might include some enhanced support for the various SQL statements.

    Once SQL prompt caches a database, it remains in the cache until the cache gets refreshed. Refreshing the cache(SQL Prompt menu - Refresh cache/CTRL+SHIFT+D) should give you an updated candidate list. I presume that should help and not list dropped databases any further.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to write these suggestions to us. We will try to work them out in our future releases.

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