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Table Restore???

kedwardskedwards Posts: 10
edited January 3, 2008 9:15PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Does SQL Backup have the capability to just restore a table from a backup file? I was just wondering because it would be nice to only restore a table instead of an entire large database if deleted data had to be retrieved.



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    SQL Backup itself can't do it, but other Red Gate tools integrate with it to provide better than table-level recovery (you can do row-level restores using SQL Data Compare; it can use a SQL Backup backup file as one of its 'compare sources').

    If you have a Toolbelt license, then you're all set (seriously one of the best investments I've ever made), otherwise you'll need to look at additional licensing for those products.
    Peter Kristolaitis
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    peteypetey Posts: 2,358 New member
    Be aware that table level restores can sometimes give you different data than what a full restore provides.

    During a full backup, transactions that are committed at that time are written to the transaction log. A full backup first writes the contents of the database files, followed by the contents of the transaction log.

    Table restore applications usually read only from the database file backups, ignoring the newer transactions that are contained in the transaction log backup. Thus, a table level restore performed this way contains the data existing in the table at the beginning of the backup, and not at the end of the backup, which is what a full restore provides.
    Peter Yeoh
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