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Good news! I guess that explains how sysobjects kept getting out of

Brian Donahue
Technical Support

"Don" <don_nguyen@scantron.com> wrote in message
> A few weeks ago I posted this problem:
> >Hi,
> >We've been using SQL Compare for quite some time. Lately, we've been
> getting
> >this error:
> >Error Loading database [SERVERNAME.DBName]
> >Error Scripting Tables
> >Error scripting Table [TableName]
> >[SQL-DMO] The ID '13641986' was not found in the Tables collection.
> After fiddling around with why this was happening, we've figured it was
> to a table being deleted while in the middle of scripting out a database,
> between the time the list of tables is generated and the time it comes to
> script out the deleted table. We're guessing the same things would happen
> if stored procedures, or views were deleted in the middle of the
> registration.
> We found a job that was dropping and recreating a table every 5 minutes
> caused the problem. Hope this helps anyone that might run into this
> later.
> Don
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