SQL Multi Script 1.1 released

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SQL Multi Script 1.1 has now been released.

You can upgrade using Check for updates from the help menu.

We have made some changes to the licensing model in order to make sure customers get the most from the product.

The free 14 day trial will allow you to execute scripts against an unlimited number of databases on an unlimited number of SQL Servers. When you purchase a license you will now be offered a SQL Multi Script 5-server, 10-server or a unlimited server license.

For example, SQL Multi Script 5-server license will allow you to run scripts against any number of databases on a maximum of 5 servers in one go. If you require more activations of SQL Multi Script in order to install it on several machines you can now purchase multiple user licenses.

If you are upgrading from version 1.0 you will be prompted to reactivate your license. This means for those who activated a 1 server licences in 1.0 will be upgraded to a minimum of a SQL Multi Script 5-server license (or an unlimited license in the case of SQL Toolbelt users).

SQL Multi Script 1.1 also includes some minor bug fixes including:

• Handles the situation gracefully when a SQL Server 6.5 server is added to a list
• SET NOCOUNTS commands are now obeyed correctly
• Save button for the results is now enabled when it should be
• Messages show the number of rows affected correctly

Please continue to post your feedback on this forum and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Helen Joyce

Project Manager

Previous SQL Multi Script release history:

We are pleased to announce the launch of SQL Multi Script version 1.0.

SQL Multi Script enables fast and easy execution of multiple scripts against multiple Microsoft® SQL Server databases.

To get a free 14 day trial, download SQL Multi Script from the product pages on the website.
Features of SQL Multi Script include:

• Run scripts to collect easy-to-view aggregated results in grid or text layout.
• Export results as a .csv or .txt file.
• Customize, configure and save lists of databases on multiple SQL Servers that you can run scripts against for repeat use in the future.
• Set the execution order of multiple scripts.
• Feedback for every database against which a script is executed.
• Create new scripts in an easy-to-use script editor with colored syntax highlighting, Find and Replace, and split-screen editing.
• Cancellation of queries with a failure behavior menu for you to select what will happen should an error occur on deployment of your script.
• Browse different tabs created for individual sets of results.
• Messages from SQL Server displayed for all databases.
• Configure the number of databases against which to run scripts in parallel.
• Execute just the selected text in a script.
• Embedded help in the User Interface for on-the-spot assistance.
Helen Joyce
SQL Backup Project Manager
Red Gate Software


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