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Database unable to restore - error 3257

MixxMixx Posts: 3
edited December 19, 2007 10:16PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I am evaluating SQL Backup but running into a critical failure on attempting to backup and then restore a database back to where it came. The database is large and split amongst multiple disks that are mount points (many of our systems in-house use too many disks to use letters). Backup runs fine, but restore errors at start because of an incorrect space free check. It appears to attempt to check the space free of the root of the letter and not the mount point itself. Of course, this would not be pretty if you had to leave 1TB of free space on the root letter just to be able to restore a 1TB DB to mount point disks below it. Native backup/restores work fine and do not throw an error 3257. Windows 2000/SQL Server 2000 SP4+ (2040)

Thanks everyone!

Restoring blah (database) from:

SQL Server error

SQL error 3013: SQL error 3013: RESTORE DATABASE is terminating abnormally.
SQL error 3257: SQL error 3257: There is insufficient free space on disk volume 'd:\' to create the database. The database requires 953707986944 additional free bytes, while only 26262523904 bytes are available.

SQL Backup exit code: 1100
SQL error code: 3257

exitcode 1100
sqlerrorcode 3257
filename001 d:\export\ifn2b-l0p0\t\FULL_(local)_blah_20071219_155904_6.sqb
filename002 d:\export\ifn2a-l0p0\t\FULL_(local)_blah_20071219_155904_5.sqb
filename003 d:\export\ifn2d-l0p0\t\FULL_(local)_blah_20071219_155904_8.sqb
filename004 d:\export\ifn2c-l0p0\t\FULL_(local)_blah_20071219_155904_7.sqb
filename005 d:\export\ifn1b-l0p0\t\FULL_(local)_blah_20071219_155904_2.sqb
filename006 d:\export\ifn1a-l0p0\t\FULL_(local)_blah_20071219_155904_1.sqb
filename007 d:\export\ifn1d-l0p0\t\FULL_(local)_blah_20071219_155904_4.sqb
filename008 d:\export\ifn1c-l0p0\t\FULL_(local)_blah_20071219_155904_3.sqb


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    Ok. You can ignore this. After setting a server-wide 3104 flag and running a handle browser, we discovered that the SQLBackup auto-generated restore command issues file MOVE commands that are to the default MSSQL location and not back to where the database resides. If you have a data files in a different place than system default it requires a double-check of the file moves....

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