Aggregates showing up as different when they're not

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Hi there,

Using SQL Compare

I am comparing a database to a folder of scripts. I have done a synchronization, and when I redo the synch everything looks the same except my aggregate functions. They always are reported as different, and yet when I look in the SQL Differences pane - they are the same.

Is this a bug or a config issue on my part?



  • That sounds like a bug to me :(. Check that you've got 'Ignore Whitespace' selected, try toggling 'Ignore With Order' and check that the collation you've chosen for your script is correct, but none of those things ought to be affecting aggregates.

    I don't suppose you can send us a copy of your aggregates / the assembly they hang off? Just the SQL you use to create your aggregates might be helpful, if you can't hand out the assembly. Send them to [email protected] and I'll have a look at them and see if I can reproduce the problem and work out what's wrong.
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  • Thanks Michelle, email sent.
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