Sql Compare 6 produces script not working on SQL 2000

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The change script that Sql Compare 6 generates is different depending on the version of SQL server that is installed on the computer. I need to create a change script on a computer containing SQL Server 2005 but the script needs to be SQL Server 2000 compatible. How do I do this?


  • Compare actually determines which syntax to use based on the target database's version, so if you can get a database snapshot from an empty SQL Server 2000 database (I can email you one if necessary), you can compare against that and use the resulting script.
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  • I don't really understand. My situation is:

    I have a 2005 database backup (development database with table changes).
    I have a 2000 database backup (customer database that should become the same as the development database but customer has sql 2000)
    I have a development computer with Sql Server 2005 and Sql compare 6 and both database are mounted.

    What should i do to create a 2000 compatible update script for our customer? Thanks in advance.
  • Ah. The problem is that there's currently no way to tell SQL Compare to generate a 2000 compatible upgrade script other than having the target database be a SQL Server 2000 database.

    You can work around it if you have SQL Compare Pro:

    1) Save the 2000 database to scripts
    2) Register the resulting scripts folder as a SQL Server 2000 database and save it as a snapshot
    3) Compare your 2005 database against the snapshot

    I've added a feature request to our bug database for the feature 'select which version of SQL Server the synchronization script should target, independant of the actual target version' - is that correct?
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  • Unfortunately, we don't have the pro edition.

    That feature request sounds correct. Thanks.
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