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Dropping projects

kevinmakevinma Posts: 5
:cry: I sometimes open a project and open the edit project to look at the tables I have set up (only 30 out of 360 tables). Sometimes it drops the whole project and default remaps the tables.
What am I doing to do this, and how do I:
1. stop it doing it.
2. recover from a saved version if I need to.
This is getting fustrating and I need a more rerliable method of synchronising without it dropping the settings on occations.


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    This is probably happening as a result of some schema changes being made to the database. When you select, deselect, remap or similar, that's stored as an "action" in the project. On opening the project, Data Compare attempts to replay these actions.

    In version 5 and before, if any of these failed, we restored the default state. In Data Compare 6, we now attempt to keep going as far as possible, so most of the time you'll keep your settings even in the face of schema changes.

    Hope that helps,
    Robert Chipperfield
    Red Gate
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