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Index was outside the bounds of the array

eric_brockeric_brock Posts: 3
edited December 14, 2007 7:43AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
When I compare most databases it works. But, for some databases I get this error message:
-Registering Databases (Ok)
-Creating Mappings (Ok)
-Comparing (X - Error here)

Error: Index was outside the bounds of the array

I can't compare these databases!

Anyone else have this problem?

How can I get updates if we do not have Internet access? We purchased around 5 copies of SQL Compare...I am not sure how we can get a fix for this.



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    Also, my co-worker downloaded Version 6 os SQL Compare and got the same problem.

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    If your database contains large assemblies, we know about a problem in this area, but we've only very recently fixed it, and there isn't yet a public release with the relevant fix in. If this is critical for you, you can email support@red-gate.com to get a build where the problem is fixed, but we don't guarantee that it's as stable as our public releases.

    You can get updates without local internet access by:

    1) Checking for updates on a computer with internet access, and copying the file you download from the updates page

    2) Monitoring the forums (we post an announcement here every time we make a new public release available) and using the 'download trial version' link from the product page - you can run the resulting program on each computer you need to upgrade and this will upgrade you to the latest version.

    If you get a private build from Support, you should be able to run the file that you recieve on each of your computers with Compare installed, and this will upgrade all your copies of Compare to the appropriate version.
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