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Hi Mark,

The SQL Toolkit API contains a few options to control what the database will do when the script is run to preserve your data integrity. For instance, if you are updating a table that has a trigger that updates another table, and you know that you are going to synchronize both tables anyway, you may want to disable the trigger to prevent data corruption, then turn it on again when the synchronization script has finished. Data Compare will script this option for you automatically using the DisableTriggers option. Here is the complete list of options:

Default :A set of sensible defaults
None :None
DisableTriggers: Disable then re-enable triggers in the output script
DisableKeys: Disable then re-enable foreign keys in the output script
IncludeTimestamps: Include timestamp columns when comparing data
IncludeIndexedViews: Include indexed views as well as tables
DropConstraintsAndIndexes: Drop and recreate indexes, primary keys and unique constraints in the output script
DoNotOutputCommentHeader: Do not output comment header
DoNotUseTransactions: Do not use transactions
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