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Problems browsing filesystem in SQLBackup

wdwd Posts: 25
edited December 10, 2007 4:52AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions

I'm sure that it is written somewhere here, but using the search words supplied by SQLBackup proofed fruitless.

I have SQLBackup as a test installation and have a couple of servers registered. I made successful (fast and small) backups of some large databases. I now want to try out the restore function.

I marked the backup I wanted to restore and then went through the steps of choosing the restore options. I came to the point where the file locations for the mdf and ldf files are specified and clicked the "..." button to choose the location. I got an error saying that SQL Authentication was being used and should be changed in the options to allow this.

The error message says I should search the online help for "Specifiying File Paths", but nothing turns up for this search.

Where can I change the settings to allow an SQL Account to browse the filesystem of the server it is running on in SQLBackup?




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    Scratch that question..... a little more searching found the result. :oops:

    The googlesearch didn't find what I was looking for though!?! :?
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