Does the product support Arabic?

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edited December 12, 2007 1:01PM in SQL Multi Script
I ran some scripts having comments and some data values in arabic language. But it seems the product does not recognise Arabic, it shows rubbish characters.
Is there any workaround or settings or a patch file to solve the issue?



  • Multi Script currently only supports script files encoded as UTF-8 or Unicode. ASCII scripts with will be loaded as UTF-8.

    This is probably causing the issue you are seeing with Arabic scripts.

    You can either save the scripts as UTF-8/Unicode encoded text files or copy and paste the continence of the scripts into the Multi Script script editor.

    Viewing Arabic results and messages in text mode seems to be slightly broken, but displaying results and messages in grid mode seems to work fine.
  • After i saved the scripts in Unicode, the comments appear alright. But Insert statements with arabic letters still look broken.

    However, if i copy paste the file contents; it works fine.

    Is there any other solution other than this?
  • Unfortunately SQL Multi Script currently doesn’t support scripts which are encoded using a local code page other than ISO Latin 1 (ISO-8859-1). There doesn’t seem to be an easy work around to convert your scripts or a quick fix that can be made to SQL Multi Script.

    I've logged this as a bug and I hope to fix this in a future release.
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