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Hello Brian,

Be sure to also check that the tables all have a primary key or unique index assigned to them. Data Compare will not work without a unique index to use for row identification.


  • We just purchased the SQL Bundle and ran into a similar problem with tables not included in the list. Once I added a key to the missing tables, everything was as I would expect it.

    Why is it that I had to first come here to the forum to do a search on the topic, when it could be so easy to visually letting the user know that tables have been dropped or excluded from the list based on the key missing?

    Very frustrating! :?

    Could you include this in your request list?


    Jurgen Beck
    Soundspiration Systems
  • I would like to second jbSound's request. In my case, I will have to submit a change request to a production server so that I can use the tool in our dev/qa environment. As a result, this tool is effectively ineffective for those tables. Actually, as another feature request, how about giving the user the option to pick a primary key candidate for the purpose of the compare?

    Actually, I'll probably just be copying any tables I need and adding a key, but it's a pain.

  • Very good suggestions!

    To express the importance of these requests, I did a compare yesterday with the SQL Bundle tools between our staging SQL server here at our facility and the client production server.

    As we have a large number of tables for this system, I did not realize that during the compare certain tables did not get looked at (the tool didn't tell me that it had not included certain tables).

    Once I thought the compare/transfer was complete, I then travelled to the client side just to find out through an embarrasing incident that certain functions of the software system didn't work because the data for the required tables was not transferred. :shock:

    So, please, have a look at this feature request and inform us through your tools if tables have not been included in the list.

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    Hi Jurgen,

    Yes -- I believe the whole point of having a GUI is to show EXACTLY what's going to happen (or won't happen!).
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