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Restoring from Network Shares

eilanddeilandd Posts: 44
edited January 24, 2008 6:44AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Our situation is as follows:

We are using SQL Backup on SQL Server 2000 instances across multiple Windows 2003 active directory domains. From time to time we are requested to restore a backup from an instance on one server to an instance on another server where both are in the same domain. We typically attempt to do this across the network via the gui. This is generally faster for us as opposed to copying the backup and doing a local restore. We have no issues as long as the servers in question are in the same domain as the gui. However, if the servers are in a domain other than where the gui is installed the network shares are not displayed. For all servers the SQL Backup agent users has full rights on the shares that we are attempting to access.

How can we access the network shares in the alternate domains?


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    It looks like there could be a bug here which is restricting full browsing under SQL Authentication, even though you have the registry setting 'AllowSQLBrowsing' set.

    However there is a workaround (other than typing in the full path and file name). To browse for a file, use the Restore Wizard, Step 1 of 4 screen, select 'Browse for backup files to restore', then the 'Add Files' button. On the Browse drop down select 'Network shares', then enter the share and folder in the 'SQL Server' text box. Click 'Add Server to List'.

    Now you can at least browse that folder for the file - but you are restricted to that folder only.
    Chris Buckingham
    Red-Gate support
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