Column-level control over comparison SQL

piers7piers7 Posts: 15
edited July 10, 2009 12:40PM in SQL Toolkit Previous Versions
Is there any way via the API of controlling the generated schema comparison script (from SQL Compare) at a column level?

What I want to do is exclude certain columns from being syncronised, or adjust how they are sync'd. Specifically for columns that we are going to drop in production, I would prefer to rename them to xxx_Deleted (or something) rather than actually drop them. This gives me a simpler rollback if it turns out that the column should not have been dropped, and it was just that a column rename wasn't picked up on properly.

I was hoping to open the Work object generated from the Differences, and disable / modify sync actions on a column by column basis, but it looks like it's all been rendered down into SQL by that stage, which makes this a bit tricky (ie if the table is being rebuilt, it's very hard to detect that the column is being effectively dropped)



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