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Wished Feature

pakwichekpakwichek Posts: 3
edited December 13, 2007 5:27AM in SQL Multi Script
Very Good Product and I love it. I wish there was an
ability to auto generate script from a database by an select an object schema such Stored Procedure, table field, etc

I have used in-house tools that do exactly that and it is nice

Also, ability to save the metadata of the project, that is script run and the list of target server databases..

I believe this request is over-kill but will be really nice for future versions


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    Thanks for the comments. If you want to deploy objects to multiple servers, I'd suggest you use a tool like SQL Compare to synchronize your source database to a blank database, then use the resulting SQL script in Multi Script.

    As for saving projects, this is definitely something we're considering adding in a future version - it's in the issue tracking system already!

    Many thanks,
    Robert Chipperfield
    Red Gate
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    Thanks for the reply.. I do have SQLcompare, and I guess it works for that. Waiting for the future release.

    Thanks for the good work..
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    It there a way to determine the execute order other then through the GUI?

    We have an in house process that controls the running SQL scripts. Scripts are logged in a table with an executing order. Essentially each script messages out what the next SQL script to run and its a major time consumer to run >100 scripts. :cry: If SQLMS could order the script from a text file or selecting from DB it would be great.
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    Hi Paul,

    I'm afraid at the moment we don't support programmatic modification of the script list. We'll bear this in mind when we're looking at future versions, though - so thanks for the suggestion!

    Just to clarify, do you need something that lets you modify the list "on the fly" (i.e. execute one script, modify the list, execute the next, modify the list etc.), or do you just want to be able to create a list of scripts programmatically, then run them all in one go?

    Robert Chipperfield
    Red Gate
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