Couldn't locate object with name 'sysclsobjs' in schema ID4

klaubscherklaubscher Posts: 2
I am experiencing this error when using back files in SQL Compare 6. The files are SQL Back 5 files and are about 3.8GB in size. The Tables and View section gets just a bit back 50% when this error occurs.

I have tried multiple differant backup files from the same database, but all experience this error. I have been able to get SQL Compare to work from Live Server to Live Server. I am currently restoring one of the backup files that did not work previously to a test server to see if it is possible to do the comparison server to server that way.

Has anyone else had problems with comparing against backup files? I know the object exits as it is a system table.


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    Sorry that's not working for you - it's not an error I've seen before! Could you confirm what version of SQL Server the backup was originally taken on?

    Another thing to try, if you've got access to the live copy of that database, is to run the following query:
    select * from sys.objects where name='sysclsobjs'

    If you could post the results back here, that might help in tracking it down.

    Many thanks,
    Robert Chipperfield
    Red Gate
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