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SQL Backup 5 Client Timeline Monitoring

tlbroadbenttlbroadbent Posts: 25 Bronze 3
edited December 6, 2007 5:13PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
We find the timeline feature to be of little practiocal use. Is there any way to turn it off?

It seems that building the timeline is CPU intensive and contributes to slow startup of the client. Often, we simply want to start a restore or backup quickly but cannot because we have to wait for the the application to build the timeline.

We had to delete much of our backup history just to get the client to start in a reasonable time. Even then it isn't quick.

Red-Gate seems to have abandoned quick and agile for slow bloatware in this version.
Terry L Broadbent
Database Administrator
L-3 Communications, Inc.


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    Eddie DEddie D Posts: 1,792 Rose Gold 5
    Thank you for your post.

    Sorry to read that you are having performance issues with the SQL Backup GUI time line.

    At this time there is not an option to turn the time line component off in the GUI.

    Improvements to the GUI performance in the next release of SQL Backup (Version 5.3) is currently under consideration.

    I have submitted a feature request for the development team to consider your request. However I cannot guarantee that the request will be successful and if successful what future version the request will appear in.

    Many Thanks

    Eddie Davis
    Technical Support Engineer
    Red Gate Software Ltd
    E-Mail: support@red-gate.com
    Eddie Davis
    Senior Product Support Engineer
    Redgate Software Ltd
    Email: support@red-gate.com
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    Just to add to the previous response, when developing SQL Backup 5 we ensured that we were backwards compatible with SQL Backup 4 so you should be able to use the SQL Backup 4.x GUI with SQL Backup 5.

    You will loose the ability to create backup jobs with multiple threads to a single file but can monitor as you could with SQL Backup 4.

    James Moore
    Head of DBA Tools
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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    Thanks for your replies. I know that Red Gate developers and support personnel are very responsive to user needs. Thanks for the help. I may use SQL Backup 4 client when I'm in a hurry. I'll give it a try.

    Thanks again.
    Terry L Broadbent
    Database Administrator
    L-3 Communications, Inc.
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