Error while running SqlDataCompare as a scheduled job

scheddeschedde Posts: 8
Error while running a scheduled job that uses SqlDataCompare comand-line utility as follows:

"C:\Program Files\Red Gate\SQL Data Compare 6\sqldatacompare" /project:"C:\RedGate\SqlDataCompare\Test.sdc" /synchronize /verbose

The status from the scheduler is:

"Could not start"

The above command works just fine at command line.

Are there any issues with using command-line utility in a schedule job?
Sreenivas Chedde


  • Figured out the issue. After reading some of the other postings, I prepared a .bat file with the command line code in it and scheduled the .bat file. That solved the problem.

    Thanks for the postings that helped me.

    Sreenivas Chedde
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