Recovering lost data from a restored backup

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I have a live db that had a page tear and I had to repair with data loss. I don't have any transaction logs to work with. What I do have is a backup from the day before which I have restored on a dev server. I want to bring over the missing data that is now gone as a result of the page tear. I am assuming there is some data on the restored backup that I can recover. Can I use SQL Data Compare to do this? The live db will have more records than the backup and I don't want to lose that data. If I were to synchronize these databases, would it accomplish what I am trying to do?



  • Hi,

    Yes, if I understand correctly, Data Compare should manage that nicely. Start by comparing the table(s) affected, as that will show you what data is missing from both sources (i.e. that which you lost from the live as a result of the page tear, and that which isn't in the backup because it's more recent than that).

    You'll then notice the check boxes on the main grid, with the ones on the right being labelled "rows that only exist in <target database>". You'll want to untick these, at which point SDC won't delete rows that already exist in the target.

    Of course, as with anything like this you should make sure you have a backup of the production system before doing this!

    Hope that helps,
    Robert Chipperfield
    Red Gate
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