Compare to Script Folder not finding object script

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I generated a script folder from a synchronization project between a live database and a script folder. All of the object scripts were created correctly, however when I compare the database to the folder it claims that a single stored procedure does not exist in the folder. The file for the script does exist. If I synchronize the database again it creates another SQL file for the object appending the number 1 to the file name, but will still not find the file.

I exported the database to a snapshot and performed the comparison using that snapshot to the script folder and the result was the same. SQL Compare 6 claims that the script file for the stored procedure does not exist in the script folder.

I can provide the snapshot file if you wish to attempt to reproduce this problem.


  • It sounds like SQL Compare is generating a stored procedure file with a syntax error of some kind in it, and then is failing to read it back. This could be a bug in SQL Compare, or it could be that the syscomments entry in your database for that stored procedure is corrupted.

    If you could send me the snapshot ([email protected]) then I should be able to work out what the problem is and either put it on the list to get fixed or tell you what is wrong with your syscomments table.
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  • Yup, that's a bug in SQL Compare (for some reason the parser gets confused about the Else statement). Sorry - it's now in the system and we'll try to get it fixed for the next point release.
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