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Problem installing server component

krhyllkrhyll Posts: 6
edited November 10, 2007 7:49AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
First go with SQL Backup.

Server 1: Installed SQLBackup Professional
Server 2: MS SQL Server 2005 running. Have several SQL instances.

Connected first to standard instances "\MSSQLServer,1433" everything worked perfect. The server components installed and extended procedures registered correct. Testet remote backup successfully.

Connected then to another instances "\MSSQLWebsoknad,1847", connection is ok but server component installation returns errors on "Start SQL Backup Agent Service". Neither extended procedures are registered nor xp_*.dll is copied to BINN. Has tried to copy xp_*.dll and register procedure manually, but then not able to connect at all.

Any suggestions here?

Kristian Hyllestad


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