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Restoring Log Files

daveledavele Posts: 2
edited November 8, 2007 9:44AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Good morning,

Here's what happened?
1) I created a LOG Ship relationship with my backup server
2) Entered some records (no errors on the log creation job)
3) Seen the logs on the backup server
4) Changed the status of the database using
5) Noticed that my updates were not on the backup server.
6) Looked at the "Restore" job and seen errors

"Executed as user: MSS\Administrator. SQL Backup job failed with exitcode: 1100 SQL error code: 4326 [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 50000). The step failed."

Now that I have the two transaction logs. How do I apply them?




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    The SQL Server error code 4326 means that the transaction logs are out of sequence, this can occur in two ways:

    * The log being applied has already been applied (so should have been moved to the "processed" folder)
    * There is one or more logs that have been taken outside the log shipping process, which will be required to perform log shipping.

    If you look in the SQL Backup log file directory at "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Red Gate\SQL Backup\Log\<instance>", you should be able to find the log that corresponds with the restore attempt. That will have more information on why the restore failed.

    If you have the log and require more assistance with it, you can post it and we will be able to provide more information. If you do post it please make sure to sanitise it beforehand and remove any passwords, email addresses or other "private" information - since this is a publicly-visible forum.

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