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I am working on a project wich is supposed to compare a few tables. On server 1 we have ca. 1500 tables and on server 2 we have 20. It takes a lot of time to register the server. Is there a possibility to speed this process up?

A part of my code:
                Database db1 = new Database();
                Database db2 = new Database();
                TableMappings mappings = new TableMappings();
                EngineDataCompareOptions test = new EngineDataCompareOptions(MappingOptions.None, ComparisonOptions.None, SqlOptions.None);
                SqlProvider provider = new SqlProvider();

                using (session = new ComparisonSession())
                        BlockExecutor rbxBlock = new BlockExecutor();
                        session.Options = mappings.Options;
                        db1.RegisterForDataCompare(new ConnectionProperties(remoteServer, remoteDatabase,"user","password"));
                        db2.RegisterForDataCompare(new ConnectionProperties(mainServer, mainDatabase, "user", "password"));
                        // Create the mappings between a certain table 



  • No, the registration is an atomic process and can't be broken up. We need all of the data about all the tables to create accurate dependency information so we know in which order we can use the tables.

    Richard Mitchell
    Project Manager
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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