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Licensing question

guzguz Posts: 2
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I've read the post regarding licensing while migrating servers, but how would the following scenario work?

Let's say I purchase the Pro edition for 1 server and use it to make backups of databases on that server. At some point in the future, that server fails and remains out of service, so I need to restore databases to another server. In an emergency situation like this, I don't want to have to contact sales to get a temporary license.

Is this going to be an issue, or will I immediately be able to transfer the license to the new server?


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    peteypetey Posts: 2,358 New member
    The license is machine-specific, thus you cannot immediately transfer the license.

    In those situations, you've got at least 2 choices:

    - download and install a trial version of SQL Backup on the recovery server. That gives you at least 14 days to use SQL Backup, during which you should have received a new license.

    - use the sqb2mtf utility to convert the SQL Backup files to native SQL Server backup files, then restore the files using native SQL Server RESTORE commands. sqb2mtf does not require a license to run, and is freely distributable.
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