Bug in SQL Data Compare

darrenweinerdarrenweiner Posts: 9
data compare is very clearly not comparing case differences when the Ignore case is unchecked. Is this a known bug?


  • The Ignore case option only affects object mappings. Therefore if Ignore case is checked table db1.Customer is automatically mapped to db2.customer. If left unchecked on a case-sensitive server the tables will not be matched.

    It doesn't affect how data is compared.

    If you have case-insensitive databases and you wish to perform a case-sensitive comparison then the Force Binary Collation option would be better suited. This has been enhanced in Data Compare v6.0 to perform a case-sensitive comparison of data (in v5.3 it only deals with the comparison keys).

    Hope this helps

    Chris Spencer
    Test Engineer
    Red Gate
  • Thanks for the info. Makes sense that the default case setting on the box is still adhered to, just thought that box overrode it....I'll try the binary option going forward.
  • In SQL Data Compare 5, we don't override the server collation. SQL Data Compare 6 is able to do this.

    A workaround exists for SQL Compare 5 whereby you effectively alter the collation of your table prior to the comparison, and change it back afterwards (or leave it as it is). This is detailed at:


    David Atkinson
    Red Gate Software
    David Atkinson
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    Redgate Software
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