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Ignoring certain words?

Dave PendletonDave Pendleton Posts: 104 Bronze 3
edited November 5, 2007 7:04PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
I've just started using SP, and I like it so far.

However, there are certain words (GO in particular) that I would like SP to ignore completely.

I've looked at the candidate list, and in the case of GO, neither it nor the suggested GOTO are in there.

How can I specify words to ignore?



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    Thanks for your post.

    There is no way to set SQL Prompt to ignore certain keywords that you type, but GO should be recognised as a reserved keyword and suggested in the list of candidates.

    This means that you can simply type GO<space> to carry on with the rest of your coding. Are you saying that SQL Prompt trying to insert GOTO whenever you type GO<space>?
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