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How to make SQL Prompt 3.5/3.6 work with vs 2005

ra_ahmadi2000ra_ahmadi2000 Posts: 3
edited November 6, 2007 10:31PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
I have installed SQL Prompt 3.5 on my computer and it work well on sql server 2005 but i don't konw how i must use in vs 2005
unfortunalely it's help dose,t work
(http://help.red-gate.com/help/SQLPrompt ... px?lang=en)



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    If you're using SQL Prompt 3.5 then SQL Prompt will only function when you're working in a database project in VS2005.

    If you upgrade to v3.6 (which is free if you own SQL Prompt 3.x) you'll get improved Visual Studio 2005 support. In that you'll be able to edit any SQL file regardless of whether or not it is associated with a project

    SQL Prompt 3.6 also includes Microsoft® Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals (Data Dude) support
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