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Mixed Version Licensing

mholdenmholden Posts: 6
edited October 31, 2007 12:16PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
1. How many licenses do I need if want to create backups on one server and restore on different one?

2. Can I purchase combinations of full and lite versions and have them work together properly? Let say I have one server that I would like to use log shipping with and 9 others that just need the ability to backup and restore.

3. Does the full version have the capability to compress backup files to a smaller size than the lite version?


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    1. You will need one license per server; so if your SQL Servers are on different machines, you will need one license for each machine. If you have two SQL Server instances on the same server, you will need just the one license total.

    2. Yes, SQL Backup Lite will allow you to run scheduled SQL Backup tasks (which is required for the log shipping process). However, To use the Log Shipping Wizard itself to configure the log shipping, you must have Professional licenses on the servers in question.

    3. Yes, the Lite license offers compression level 1; the Professional also offers 2 and 3. The higher compression levels will generally create smaller backup files.

    Hope that helps,
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