Why Network shares doesn't show shared folders in network?

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While creating a backup job via wizard, I selected "copy backup to network", clicked on the "..." to browse folders, and selected "Network shares" in the Browse drop down -- but I don't see any folders listed. It just shows "Network on MACHINEXXX" in the Folders box, but nothing underneath it.

My machine is a windows 2003 server in an active directory network. SQL Backup was installed under a domain administrator account. And there are several machines on our network that have shared folders with full access.

Why is SQL backup not seeing my network? Would appreciate any pointers/feedback. TIA


  • If you don't see anything under "Network on ...", at the top right where it says "SQL Server", enter the name of the *physical* machine you want to connect to, and click "Add Server to List".

    Assuming you have the correct credentials, you should then be able to browse the machine.

    Hope that helps,
  • Thanks, that helped. However, apparently the network share can't have restricted permissions. I had to give "Everyone" full rights on the shared folder in order for SQL Backup to be able to see it. I installed SQL backup as domain administrator, still it doesn't see past restricted access. Thoughts?
  • For security reasons the permissions it uses to access the directory is of the caller (i.e. the SQL Backup GUI user), rather than the SQL Backup service. If you add the necessary users to the network location's permissions then that should be sufficient.

    Hope that helps,
  • I am logged in as the administrator to the GUI user as well, that's what got me puzzled that I wasn't able to see the folders (I can see the same folders under windows explorer) without giving "Everyone" full access to it
  • Can you tell me exactly what you mean by: "the SQL Backup GUI user"?

    I've tried every possible combination I can think of and I STILL can't access a network drive from within SQL Backup. Can't see them on browse, doesn't work from typing in the directory (either format).

    Everything that I can see on the networked drive indicates that I have FULL access.

    I'm trying this tool out for a new client and if I don't get some answers soon I'm going to have to look elsewhere.

    It should NOT be this difficult.
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