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I'm profiling a long application action in an ASP.NET C# app, on WinXP/IIS 5.1. The action takes about 10 minutes to complete when running under the profiler. After the action finished, I attempted to take a snapshot, but both "Summary" and "All methods" screens are completely blank - no profiling data. Same thing happens if I just exit the Web browser after finishing the profiling run.

Interestingly, if I profile the same application action on different data that requires only about 1 minute to process (instead of 10 minutes), then I get profiling data with no problems.

Any hints on what might be going on? ANTS version



  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hi Oleg,

    It's a bit odd that the results would be completely blank -- there should be a warning icon in the summary panel and a message indicating no .net methods have been profiled.

    If Profiler is working properly, there are half a dozen issues that could cause this. For starters, this version of Profiler cannot deal with applications where the ASP .NET code runs under the system account. If the application is not a DEBUG build (or missing the .pdb), then all methods are filtered out if you use the default profile only methods that have source code option. On IIS 5.x, there are numerous issues where the ASP .NET user's profile cannot be modified to turn the profiling on. Finally, and most important, the site needs to actually run some managed code, so if you're only running traditional ASP or you have caching on in the page directive, no managed code gets run.

    You may want to check the event logs in the cases where it fails to see if something went wrong with ASP .NET during execution.

    Hopefully this helps us find the problem.
  • Hi,

    So I've figured out that this happens if, while the profiler is running, I do any web browsing in a separate IE window. It's a bit strange, because the other browser shouldn't be touching my local IIS at all while going out to the web.

    In any case, if I do side browsing when the profiler is running, the results become blank whenever I take a snapshot. If I refrain from browsing while ANTS is running, it works fine...

  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hi Oleg,

    I can't, for the life of me, find a reason why this would happen. The web browser is only used as a 'harness' to run ASP .NET methods by making HTTP requests. Unless some Internet Explorer add-on is being activated and preventing the browser from accessing the site, I don't know any reason why opening another browser would have an effect.
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