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when I type UPDATE , automatically get a pair of brackets ()

Is this a bit of SQL I don't know

It isn't set as a snippet , so I can't edit it

Any Ideas

ta Mike


  • Thanks for your post.

    If it is a bit of SQL you don't know, then I have to admit that I don't know it either.

    Does this happen consistently and on every database? The only way I have managed to recreate the issue is if I create a function in my database called 'update', then type something like select dbo.update

    What is the SQL you are typing that is causing UPDATE to be followed by parenthesis? If you restart SQL Prompt, does the problem still occur?

    Are you using SQL Prompt 3.6?
  • UPDATE() is for use in triggers to determine if a particular column has been inserted or updated, e.g.

    IF UPDATE(customer_id) BEGIN
  • Thanks Dave

    Guess I should read the help files a bit more , I did actually find after I had posted , on the suggestions list it shows a Function symbol

    All that said , as bit of SQL I didn't know about to have it as the default for one of the more common SQL Functions is a bit irritating . I can get around it obvioulsy but to hav ethe standard UPDATE as the default would be preferable

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