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Using scripts with multiple databases

akimchiakimchi Posts: 2
edited October 31, 2007 10:17PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
We did not purchase SqlCompare yet. I checked the basic SQL-Compare and like its functionality.
The problem I see in using it is that I can compare only 2 databases at a time.
Our situation is that our system involves a set of ~30 dbs (MS-SQL 2000, soon will migrate to 2005), all of them are working cooperatively. So we have these 30 dbs on our test-server as well as on the production server.

What I need the product to do is to compare the whole set of 30 dbs between the QA and production servers (or any two servers) and report discrepancies in the schema - tables, views, stored-procs etc, between each matching pair of these.
That mean: compare db1 on QA and production, compare db2 on QA and production, etc.

Does this feature exist in the standard configuration?
Does it exist in the sql-compare-PRO?

Thanks, Avi


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