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Questions about backup job settings

Adam.BeanAdam.Bean Posts: 28
edited October 26, 2007 1:34PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions

When using the gui to create a backup job against a target server, the job gets created with my NT credentials. Is it possible to change this to another account? Can it be done globally?

Also, can you set the name of the backup without having to connect to the server in question with SSMS?



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    The only way to change the "owner" of the job is to perform this via SSMS, we don't currently offer a way to "change" the owner of a job.

    I'm not sure which "name" you are referring to here:

    * If you want to change the filename on disk, you can do that in the SQL Backup Wizard (replace the "<AUTO>" keyword with something else)
    * If you want to change the name of the backup job, you can do this on the last step of the wizard.

    Hope that helps,
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    Ah ok, I must have missed that step (first time we're putting this into place) to rename the job. I have not yet found out how to create/save templates, but is job name part of the template?

    As for the owner of the job, is that something that will be addressed down the line? For an environment such as ours that has DMZ restrictions, this is very inconvenient. Really we just want to run all of our jobs under SA ...

    Thanks for the response
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    Templates can be created with the Backup Wizard, but not currently with the Scheduled Wizard (and is different from the name of the backup job). This is something we are considering for a future version of SQL Backup.

    I'll pass on your suggestion to our development team for consideration, unfortunately I have no estimate of when they would include it if they were to add the suggestion.

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