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Permissions issue/question

djonesdjones Posts: 2
edited October 23, 2007 7:13AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
In using SQL Compare version to compare several stored procedures, I discovered the permissions on the existing sproc (Execute, in this case) were not carried over to the desination.

The Ignore permissions checkbox was not checked.

If this is by design, it would be useful to be able to selectively bring these permissions across. Does SQL Compare have this capability?

If not, please consider it for a (near) future release; this is rather important when bringing sprocs over.

Thank you.


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    If the stored procedure is being migrated, and neither Ignore Permissions nor Ignore Users' Permissions and Role Memberships are selected, then it should be migrating the permissions with it.

    What version(s) of SQL Server are you using (and on what sides of the comparison), and could you possibly send a schema snapshot, database backup, or just the script for the stored procedures in question to michelle.taylor@red-gate.com so we can reproduce the problem and hopefully get it fixed?
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