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Is there some way to not only show column names but data types as well? I know you can get this information by right clicking and selecting the SQL script option, but it would be very nice if the data types were in plain view if so desired.

I began looking at dependency tracker and quickly became enamored with it's quick and easy to use interface. Having had experience with ER diagraming tools such as ERWin (I realize this is not an ER tool... but with a few modifications it could be), I immediatley began looking for features like this and others. I have since sold my entire staff on the use of this tool, but every one of us would loce to see the data types.

Please say yes. 8)
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    Thank you for your post into the forum.

    Unfortunately SQL Dependency Tracker at this time will not inform on dependencies on columns within a table. Nor will it inform on the data types used.

    I know that a feature request is already in place to have SQL Dependency Tracker inform upon the dependencies on columns.

    However I will submit a feature request to include information on the data type used, if this request has not been submitted previously.

    We have another product that may help you, called SQL Doc. As the product name suggests, this product will generate a document in an easy to read HTML or a .chm file. SQL Doc will inform on dependencies between objects and for tables detail the column names with the data type used.

    To download a trail version of SQL Doc, please use the following link:

    Many Thanks

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