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Guys, I've wasted tons of time here and am pretty peaved...

1) When I select just stored procedures and functions, I get random tables thrown in, causing the script to fail if run. (Include Dependencies is not checked).
2) Can you spell UI? Do I really have to select objects one at a time? You can select multiple records but you can't check their boxes as a group. Ouch. Hitting space/down hundreds of times is not my favorite activity, especially when the app keeps ignoring my selections. If there's a way, it's very well hidden.
3) Can we please have the option to save just the CREATE stuff and not all the transactions so we can actually read the output without going blind?

Update: SQL SQL Server Script Wizard to get what I need. I get the fact that the Packager offers many added features, but please work on app behavior and UI - just not up to the quality of your other products.


  • There is an option called 'Do not include plumbing for transactional synchronization scripts' which gives you just the CREATE stuff and not all the transactions.

    If you haven't got Include Dependancies selected - and you haven't selected any tables at the Data stage - I'm not sure why you'd be betting random tables thrown in. If you can send me ([email protected]) a backup or SQL Compare snapshot of the database involved, I can have a go at working out what's going on here.
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